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#WCW: A look into Aejay August

Aejay August was born Arifandika Sharron Jacqueline she is a song writer and a singer.
She is inspired by strong women in music industry like mama Miriam Makeba, Nina Simone, Busi Ncube and her mother is her greatest inspiration and for her to be the woman that she is today is because of her mother’s guidance, dedication and determination that alone drove her to be the person that we know and love today.

She started doing music at a very tender age, at the age of 12 she wrote her first song and that was the beginning of of her musical journey.
In 2006 she was in a family group called Smart family and they released two albums together and in 2018 she released her solo single track called Muka ubike doro, the song did well on Power fm top 40 charts and once scooped number one, the following year she released a EP album called Mahumbwe. Her music is the fusion of all the African elements so we can kindly say that her music genre is Afro Centric for it is actually Afro centered. This year on the 18th of August she released a single track called Mudondo on her birthday as a birthday gift to her loyal fans and she is currently working on her new 10 track album but the most feared virus that has turned the world upside down has made her feel not confident that she will finish the project this year but she has promised that she will continue to release single track albums.

Apart from music she is into tourism and travel industry, she is well invested in that industry just like music it’s her passion as well.
Her words of encouragement is that in any kind of industry you want to pursue, you must do it with love and commitment, for everything done with perseverance is bound to succeed.

So According to me #StewieLeSavage focus on what makes you happy and the rest shall fall into place.

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