Fine Thread Designs by Nqoe

Today as we celebrate #FashionFriday we look at the life of a young fashion designer Nqobile Mahlangu the brains behind the fashion label Fine Thread Designs. The 20 years old Nqoe who resides at Entumbane felt the need to start his own label as it has always been one of his dreams to one day be a Fashion Guru. His passion for fashion from a very young age drove him into teaching himself how to sew.

For him to then create his label he got motivated by seeing a young designer Siyabonga Ntini who is very passionate about his work, going through a fashion designers competition Raw Silk and being crowned the best. This got him questioning himself that if Siyabonga could do it then why can’t he. So through the support he’s been receiving from his family and friends he got the courage to face his fears and work on his dreams.

As a young person living in a country like Zimbabwe it’s very hard to find capital to fund projects but with all the passion that Nqoe has, he’s willing to face the challenges. Accessing materials and other requirements is also the other issue affecting him but as a hustler he tries to work with what he has to get what he wants. As an infant in the industry Nqoe‘s main goals are to grow his skills, be able to make amazing clothes, run his own fashion house and be an inspiration to other people out there.

So According to me #StewieLeSavage it doesn’t matter how old you are, the amount you have and whether you went to college for it or not. Face your fears and turn your dreams into reality.


Hustle Deep Empire to make waves in 2019

Hustle Deep Empire (HDE) which was known as Breezy Bling Records is an independent recording label
located deep in the heart of Bulawayo. With its Founders Brandon Nduna (Dr Breezy) and Keith Phiri ( KayBling) ,Hustle Deep Empire was created for the sole purpose of promoting talent and producing good music. We recruit, mentor and promote young and talented upcoming artist.
Our Vision is to create a suitable environment where artists and producers will join and work together to make good music aswell as to cater for those talented , less fortunate artists with the ambition to grow musically, for free.

We have talented artist the likes of Faizil, KingKrazy, Yolae Virgo, Martin Jay, TGH4Real ,Sheezy_Icy, Chally MO ,Kyler , Wooze Kay, Treezy and O’ Larry. And of course Dr Breezy.

We’ve been working underground the past year but 2019 we doing things differently and coming out of the shadows, so stay tuned.

So According to me #StewieLeSavage this is one movement to look out for in 2019.

Meet Khayelihle Moyo our #WCW

Khayelihle Moyo commonly known as a Khaya Drastic is a strong woman who likes to think of herself as multifaceted, an introvert with extrovert tendencies and so much more. Most people got to know her well as she was co-hosting Skyz Metro FM’s flagship breakfast show at the age of 23 and now she’s on a weekend breakfast slot from 6-10am.

Khaya is inspired by her personal goals and aspirations, the desire to continually do better. She’s got an overachiever bug so she has almost always wanted to out do herself . In addition to this Khaya was raised by women she’d like to call matriarchs and seeing their success and independence has inspired her to do the same for herself. She is mostly inspired by disciplined go-getters relentlessly pursuing their dreams despite whatever odds are against them.

Besides being a radio personality Khaya is also a mother, a student, a content creator, a book-worm and mostly she volunteers a lot in charitable work. She has been afforded opportunities like being published in a collection of short stories from writers in Bulawayo, representing Zimbabwe at an international youth summit and heading an initiative of youths with a passion to serve their community.

Khaya wants simple things like Love, Longevity and Success. Her dream is to grow within the media industry and explore a whole lot more aspects of the creative space. Ultimately, her goal is to lead a fulfilling and fruitful life on her terms. Khaya‘s message to young women is “Do everything you can to be the best version of you. Run your own race without looking over to the lanes next to yours. Live life and let live. As corny as this advice may seem, take it”

So According to me #StewieLeSavage, you can be your own inspiration if you believe in yourself

Wingz_zw Cypher Fridays

Wingz is a takeaway outlet located by 9th avenue and Robert Mugabe street. It is one of the best takeaway joints one can ever find in the City of Kings and Queens. Their service quality is top class, their meals are to die for and their prices are so reasonable. They also deliver around town.

Every Friday from 6pm they host Cyphers for Rappers, Beatboxers, Public Speakers, Storytellers, Poets, Dancers and Vocalists. This is a platform to empower young people and get them out of the streets. So artists gather at this place on Friday to battle for a title and the best act gets awarded by Wingz.

It is a good initiative to help upcoming artists nurture their talents and showcase their creativity. The Wingz_ZW ambassador Mzoe7 is one of the people who assist in running these Cyphers.

So According to me #StewieLeSavage I think this is a good opportunity for artists to create an audience for their crafts.

The art of music:Mik Manjengwa

Masimba Manjengwa commonly known as Mik is a young vocalist,rapper and songwriter who has worked hard in putting RnB in Zimbabwe on the map since 2013. His music merges both Western instruments and African feel, and it pans across various genres including but not limited to Soul RnB, Hip-hop and Trap with his most popular songs to note being RnB songs from his latest album A book about girls.

Mik‘s hit single Me and you stayed on the Top 10 music charts for 4 weeks running. The single This Love written by Delani Makhalima stoodout and him used as a sectioned vocalist for an artist in South Africa but the song was eventually given to him. He has also been working hard in creating a growth for a brand known as Zim Rich which stands for Zimbabwe is rich in talent showing that not only does he believe in himself but in the music industry as a whole.

In the years Mik Manjengwe has managed to release 4 albums Heart Strings, Listen EP, Legend status: A book about girls, The Genesis and he’s set to drop the Summer EP in February. He has also released videos for Me and You, Feel right, Daimandisiya, Like Ooh and she’s gone. He has collaborated with a lot of artists and performed in various platforms like at the Ruwa Block Party where he left the crowds begging for more.

So According to me #StewieLeSavage Mik Manjengwa is the future of Zimbabwean Music.

Meet Qeqeshiwe Mntambo our #WCW

A Zimbabwean born Xhosa woman who strongly believes in herself and everything that she’s capable of doing. Qeqeshiwe Mntambo is a NAMA award winning actress, Vocalist and Dancer who has lived her dreams from the age of 10. As the only child, Qeqe’s family has shown much support to her craft since day 1 as she started performing at a very young age in school.

Following her journey in the arts, she tells us that her first big project was the Stitsha Play in which she played the same role that was played by Beater Mangethe. She has travelled through different dimensions of art and performed in a lot of places at the same time perfecting her craft. She also played the main character in the movie Suku. Qeqe defines herself as a strong but sensitive woman.

Although her road hasn’t been that easy but through the passion and love that she has for Art, she held on. Music has been her biggest inspiration since childhood. Qeqe has worked with Men at work Jazz band, One stand band, Intombi zomqangala, Umkhathi Theatre works and now she’s currently working with a band called Jam Session. Her latest project is a House track she did with MduSevan titled Uyandithanda and she’s also promising us a video for old single Kumnyama.

Her motivational words to you reading this are “Take things easy, relax and stay positive. Just calm yourself down, don’t stress about achieving and allow God to take control. Educate yourself, avoid bad blood and associate yourself with positivity. Always remember to love yourself.”

So According to me #StewieLeSavage the reason why we are crushing on Qeqeshiwe Mntambo today is because of her positive energy and her motivation towards other women.

Changamire Festival Awards Nominees Bulawayo

As we welcome 2019 with a positive spirit hoping for nothing but the best seems like the Hip-hop community is set to own the year. Celebrations are due as some of our local artists receive nominations on the first day of the year. Today the Changamire hip-hop festival crew announced the nominations for the awards which are going to be held at Sankayi in Harare on the 30th of this month.

Asaph sets the pace with having the highest number of nominations going as follows Best Male, Song of the year (Mambo), Best Collaboration(Mambo feat The Dawg and Fish McSwagg), Best Verse (Hate to say first verse), Best Lyricist and People’s Choice. The word on the streets says Asaph didn’t deserve all those nominations, he was just nominated because of his name but I think it’s just some people hating on him for the hardwork he pulls into his work. BlaqDiva Quin followed with two nominations Best Female and Best Collaboration( Crown Yangu feat Scripmulla). Then Mr Lit got nominated for the Best Newcomer, Silolamkhonto for the Best Producer, The Dawg for the Best Chorus on the Mambo hit song, Dr Ckhupha (Shut up and Groove events) for the Best Online Media, Larynx for the Most Relevant Hip-hop studio (C.M.R) and Metamorphic for the Best Underground. Mlue-Jay our very own Rapper based in Johannesburg also got nominated for the Best Diaspora.

Since the Changamire Awards are performance based, only the best of those who participated at the Changamire Festival from January 2018 to December 2018 were legible for nomination. They say the winners are to be selected by a set of 5 Industry Gurus as the adjudicators.

So According to me #StewieLeSavage I think people should be given a chance to vote for their best nominee because this thing of having adjudicators leads into people complaining of rigging. A huge congratulations from me to all the artists nominated, I believe you guys deserved it. Go out there and represent the City.