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The reflections!!! Happy 2020

As I say goodbye to 2019, I’d love to thank God for holding my hand and guiding me through the year. The year wasn’t too kind to me but through hardwork and prayer I pulled through. Financially this year was bad for me but emotionally I had a chance to grow. I’m thankful for every down moment I had this year, it taught a lot about me. Although I didn’t manage to do everything that was on my Calendar I managed to do a lot. I’m proud of myself.

There was a moment when I felt like my life was over, there was a moment when I felt depressed but still I pulled through. These moments taught me how strong I am. Losing my brother made me realize how short life is, appreciate everyone around you because you are you because of them. Make them feel your gratitude don’t only appreciate them when they die it’ll be pointless. So in this moment I’d love to appreciate each and everyone of you reading this post. My 2019 wouldn’t have been the same without you guys. I love you

As I step into 2020, I just pray for positive things to happen in my life.

Projects released in 2019……………………………………………………Umthombo Wothando Featuring Base Wasilewski

Freedom Train Featuring Novuyo Seagirl and Base Wasilewski

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