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Mugwagwa nemabvazuva Rap and Poetry Word Slam

Dreams spring from sunsets, rivers and exotic places and Gweru is no exception. Its a small city which lies in the Midland state province of Zimbabwe with a lot of unexploited talents. A lot of gifts, talents and abilities lie dormant because of the lack of exposure in the community .

Mugwagwa neMabvazuva, a newborn movement was to soon rewrite and rekindle the light of rap and poetry in Gweru. Its a new venture pioneered by Leben Kabete better known as “StreetPoet” in the poetry circle and Tinotenda Tavengwa aka TinothePoet. Having polished and upgraded their idea, they had to search for trustworthy but interested sponsors and partners who would go on to make their dream a reality. Fortunately they secured a venue, sound system and gift hampers for the emcee masters who were to showcase their talent at the first edition of the talent show dubbed “Rap Slam” .

With everything put in place; the word having been spread, it was now time to see if their new idea would take off the ground like the Wright brothers’s fixed wing aircraft in 1903 . On 22 June at Gweru Memorial Library , crowds thronged in the spacious venue from as far as Bulawayo , Shurugwi, Kwekwe and of course Gweru. Poets and rappers came all guns blazing , battling it out not just for the cash prize but for the pride, the hunger and exposure they had lain in wait for all their life. And after throwing out lyrical punchlines, only three were lucky: Tana Tan from Gweru in first place , Mash the poet in second place from Shurugwi and Prosine from Bulawayo .

The prizes were courtesy of various labels , organisations and individuals namely Gweru memorial library ,Supreme records, Vineyard records , Donald Nguni founder of Positivity Wins Championships , Diana Nyoni, Panashe Maburo and Valentine Makoni. At the end of the day, the first flight proved to be successful for Mugwagwa neMabvazuva movement

Their aim is to have permanent sponsors as they push and grow into different regions and provinces with the slam. They are most likely to host monthly slams in different places if all things turn out in their favour.

Article by Emmanuel “The Transparent Poet” Gobeda

Published by According to Stewie Le Savage

Tackling your day to day issues and introducing you to new people that might inspire you. Everything according to me #StewieLeSavage a self taught writer who believes that change is possible. Best Humanitarian Blog Award Winner for 2021 under the Zim Bloggers Awards.

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