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Cardeen Millers Entertainment

Cardeen Millers Entertainment is a Record Label and Marketing Company which was established on the 5th of September 2018 by “Troy Larmain Morlin”(former Infinite Gang and Melowex Music member).The CME Record Label have managed to sign 7(seven)music artists in the last two months and our main goal as a record label is to help young talents market their music,expose new talents to the entertainment industry and also help each and every CME artist make his/her dream come true.As a record label we have faced so many challenges but we stood up as a family and managed to get through them.The CME will now be working hand to hand with one of the best music distributors in the United States of America “I’M A REBEL RECORDS” to help each and every young talent market their crafts.We haven’t released anything for the last 3 months so we will be releasing new singles,Eps,mixtapes and album that will cover the month of December 2018 and half of the year 2019 from our own “TI Bash,Slim Lee, King NDB, Kud-Man,Troy Larmain Morlin, 7_teen and Double T.All Singles, Eps, Albums and Mixtapes will be put in stores and every music platforms.

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Call or App:+263771913019
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