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Plight in my love

Love is a funny thing makes you forgive.Forgiveness was my greatest mistakes, he will hit me today and I would forgive him the next day. Caught in his sweet tongue I became his punching bag, I was not allowed to say anything to him. Mighty and all I became powerless. I let him control my mind and my body, I was so scared that he would leave and I allowed him to take a piece of me with him wherever he went. I was in love blinded by the sweet words I became his door mat, bruises and pain became my daily meal but I could not leave him. I was so caught up in a notion that I was in love that I forgot I was human too. If I left him how was I going to return all the money he had spent on me. I didn’t have a job I had nothing, he took advantage of that and like a slave I served him. As time went on I forgot myself in him and each time I threatened to leave him he will ask for everything he had given me and I could not repay him so I stayed bit longer. I stayed until I went to hospital when I came back I gave him a restraining order but like a shadow he kept coming back haunting me and telling my siblings that your young sister is my wife these papers do not mean anything. But the law stood by me and the toxicity was flashed out bit by bit.
Never lose your voice, if he really loves you never hit you, if he really cares be his queen

So according to me #StewieLeSavage today we celebrate the twelfth day of the sixteen days of activism against gender based violence with Constance.

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