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One Night Stand

You order a cider and point the bartender towards me,
I have a few more shots on my own,
Ycome close and say Hi.
Sixteen minutes later we are headed to my room.
Is it that I’m drunk or life just game the high?

You are all over me for an hour,
Making my cat your dinner
And taking my nipples for desert.
You take the shame walk out of my hostel…
At least that’s what I think, you didn’t say goodbye.

When I wake up there is $50 on my mantle, no note, no number!
Wait, you could have saved it… crap, I don’t remember your name.
Maybe because you didn’t tell me,
Or I have just done this too many times I now do it subconsciously.

I spend half the day blaming myself
And the other half attending lectures.
By the time the sun sets I’m feeling ready to go out again,
If only I had a mother to look up to.
Well, I do, this is exactly what I learnt from her.

For all I know my father is a drunk old man with a big stomach,
Which would mean I probably slept with him,
That’s how I get all the Brazilian hair and latest iPhones.
She told she doesn’t know who my father is,
My guess is she does and he broke her heart
So I’m never letting my feelings hang out in the open like that, ever….

So according to me #StewieLeSavage today we celebrate the thirteenth day of the sixteen days of activism against gender based violence with Tatenda Zimbandu @iamtheultrapoet.

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