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The Principles Of Tagging People On Social Media

I’ve been randomly tagged by people on social media and had no other choice but to remove the tags because their posts were not relevant to me, so now I updated my accounts to approve tags before the post shows up on my feed. Tagging is a great way to show up in people’s notifications and to encourage engagement but if done the wrong way, it can also create wrong impressions.

After some failed posts, I decided to do a research on where I went wrong. I’ll be sharing the results of my research with you now, with hopes that it also helps you consider who to tag, when and why.

If you’re using a photo in your post( and the photo is a good one) and the person is in the actual photo or they captured it, go ahead and tag them( with their consent of course). When sharing someone else’s content, make sure to tag them and give credit. It makes them feel good and it motivates them. Then on original posts, tag people on posts that give value to them and is of relevance to who they are or what they do. However,be sure to add context as to why you’re tagging them. Be mindful that you’re not just mining for reactions and reposts because you’ll wind up turning people off of you and your content.

So according to me #StewieLeSavage context is really important when it comes to tagging so you don’t come across as a nuisance

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