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Hitler died

Days went so good when dad you
Used to buy me sweets and chocolates
Being a baby feeling good having no
Stress or rush for the tomorrow

Yes mom and dad you kept me , you
Groomed me you taught me the dont’s
& the do…

Mom you would keep me indoor from Scaly friends whose brains are too Colonise others minds You taught me how to chose a friend You taught me how to play with others You taught me how to take care of my self

Mom and dad you are appreciated by
My solemnly soul
Dad you would look very harsh to me
When l do wrong continuously

Then today what is it when you slap Mom in front of me😢 your child Dad don’t lose you dignity and value Because of Anger🙏

Given that you a man that doesn’t mean
You have to man up to mom in that way
Hitler died because of his cruelty and
You being cruel

When you asked for love from mom
Am sure by then l wasn’t there but am
Also sure that you never promised her to
Beat her up
Dad you came from a womb of a mother
Not of man , woman has feelings

Dad sitting with mom and fix thing would Be a great idea to do things neither don’t Fight in front of us dad😭

$lapping mom wont solve anything but Talking over an issue is the best l know am your child but l think this will kindly work for the fam So that l wont lose you or mom cause l still Need you all

So according to me #StewieLeSavage today we celebrate the twelfth day of the 16 days of activism against gender based violence with BRIGHT K & suku aka shammy

Published by According to Stewie Le Savage

Tackling your day to day issues and introducing you to new people that might inspire you. Everything according to me #StewieLeSavage a self taught writer who believes that change is possible. Best Humanitarian Blog Award Winner for 2021 under the Zim Bloggers Awards.

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