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Walking through

“Run girl run but just know you wont run forever bitch “he shouts angrily
She shakes uncontrollably as the sound of his voice makes the ground tremble . She feels discomfort inbetween her legs only to realise she has peed on herself . Fresh tears make their way on her face . She stands up ready to run again far from this man , far from this monster she once called a lover , her husband . She is going back home to her aunt , back to the slumbs ,back to her home where poverty was their main dish
The moment she enters her home ,a slap welcomes her causing her to stumble back and balance herself with the door
“I knew you were a slut like your dead mother ” confusion strikes her and when she tries to register what her aunt is talking about she speaks again
“How could you huh your husband treats you good and you repay him by cheating on him and getting pregnant ,you have no shame “
Her mouth goes agape when her worst nightmare enters the room with the worst sickening smile which he quickly replaces it with fake tears ” ohh my God Rita my love please forgive me , dont leave me l forgive you , l promise we will look after the baby together “he says releasing a fake cry “what baby ” Rita thought
“You see Rita your husband is even crying all because of you ,where will you get a man as good as this one huh “she shouts
“Dont worry mkhwenyana lm sure she has learnt her lesson .please dont divorce her take her back with you ,we dont have money to pay you back “she begged and almost kneeling .
“Its …its oky maa l forgive her and l will take her with me and even treat her good “a smile appearing
Rita’s heart shatters looking at these two people who were supposed to protect her from the world and its dangers. Yet they were the same people who were inflicting pain on her . Her aunt could not even recognise her swollen eye and a white t.shirt which has turned red. “come my love lets go back home
and l will cook for you your favourite meal”he says with a smile plastered on his face
Terror become visible on her eyes as she knew that the meal was far from being her favourite infact the meal was going to be punches and kicks that will leave her without a full stomach but with bruises that will take a year to heal . Uninvited tears run over the dry ones , she looks up to him and pleads with her eyes but to him seeing her vulnerable fed the monster in him . The satisfaction in his eyes makes her to declare its the end of her
“Go my children before it gets dark ” her aunt says leading them to the door .He draws out his wallet and takes a couple of notes and gives her aunty ,and her aunty leaps with joy

“Please forgive me please , l will never run away again “she cries . Right after they enter the car he squeezes her neck “l told you that you wont run away forever fat cow ” he spits “today l will teach you a lesson that when you see a door and think of running away ,you will kill yourself instead”.His words suffocated her . He was right he was going to kill her . She wished the car could just accidentally run straight to the tree and both of them die

“Remove your clothes ” he says in a calm tone and right there she knew that the devil was unleashed .
It was just after they had arrived home but it was hard for her to call it home again because it nolonger felt like home .lt was now a place were her spirit was broken ,a place were she felt the pain of a blue eye and broken ribs . A place were Rita Moyo lost herself all because of love . A man who once held her like a precious jewel .All that became a fairytale as her husband turned into a beast ,a monster ,a drunkard cheating bastard who boosted his ego by kicking a defenceless woman
“I said remove your clothes “he repeats calmly startling her from her own world
She knows not to argue with him when he is at this state . She removes her clothes “all is well with my soul “she says to her heart
An iron side of the belt makes contact with her bare skin and she releases a painful sob . She cries till she has no voice . When the tenth one comes she is nolonger crying but just lying there emotionless and blood decorating the floor .He throws the belt across the room and removes his trousers . He bends down and pulls Rita to him getting on top of her tearing her under gaments and preparing to please himself . She lies there on the floor praying to God to accept her soul as she is ready to die . With every drop of sweat from him its like life is being taken from her slowly . At last she succumbs to darkness and she feels at peace with the last tear coming out involuntarily

“Rita ,Rita wake up ,wake up baby stop crying ” she wakes up gasping for air , choking and coughing in the process
A loud sob escapes her mouth “sshhhh girl you are free now , its just a dream. He is not going to find you here and he is locked up for a very long time .you are free now ,all the tragedy has ended .you are protected now ” A woman says to her with an assuring smile after giving her a hug . She stands up fixing her t.shirt which is written “No to women abuse” on the back .She leaves the room leaving Rita with all sort of emotions .

So according to me #StewieLeSavage today we celebrate the seventh day of the 16 days of activism against gender based violence with Nyaradzo Tarirami.

Published by According to Stewie Le Savage

Tackling your day to day issues and introducing you to new people that might inspire you. Everything according to me #StewieLeSavage a self taught writer who believes that change is possible. Best Humanitarian Blog Award Winner for 2021 under the Zim Bloggers Awards.

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