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Dear Victor

You not a victim anymore.
He could couldn’t keep you under his wing,
Nor could he jealously guard all your moments.

I want to tell you one thing,
The way the sun shines in your face,
It’s more than the stripes,
engraved in your back.

The days you couldn’t walk ,
due to the pain that stung.
Now you like a cross country runner,
because when they were your barriers;
you got to know mountains.
Pushed hard and out numbered the pain.

I remember the days,
you sat in the dark, with a blade,
drawing art on your thighs.
While the ink lingered with each and every stroke.
When you choked in your words,
but the only phrase that kept you company;
was “what is there to live for?”.

When you asked him to STOP.
While he dug deeper,
That hole is now his funeral.
We don’t pity a man with no heart,
but will always look up to a woman with strong steel,
within her self.

Dear victor,
You couldn’t stand the blows and kicks ,
But now life is giving you a chance,
To remake for the lost times .
Get a new chance with new love,
As we correct the world while we conquer it,your love is young there is hope.

Don’t ever page back to the old days,
They have nothing to give,
But look for the good things
And cherish the good moments.
After all life will have to treasure you.
No one can stand in your way now,
Trash talks makes strong leaders
Speak up!!!

So according to me #StewieLeSavage today we celebrate the third day of the 16days of activism against gender based violence with Nomzy under the theme orange the world. NB it’s not a true story.

Published by According to Stewie Le Savage

Tackling your day to day issues and introducing you to new people that might inspire you. Everything according to me #StewieLeSavage a self taught writer who believes that change is possible. Best Humanitarian Blog Award Winner for 2021 under the Zim Bloggers Awards.

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