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Growing Beyond Violence

Beyond the walls there is a different situation
As couples hide smiles through their imperfection
They do things not focusing on the impact and its reaction
This piece shows how small things can damage a lot of intention
Lot of people go through this type of interpretation
Catch this couple going through their grievances and their justification
GBV abbreviates Gender Based Violence
Though in this case it’s all about Growing Beyond Violence
This affects both genders not only one’s resemblance
As it points out the truth not any type of pretense
Check this out, let me eliminate your suspense
NB: Kathyln

The first time I heard about GBV was in a social studies class
I swore to the teacher and myself that could never be me
Twenty years later am nursing the purple bags under my eyes
Feeling very loved is the new normal now
I get the irony dear, no need to point it out
Purposely I didn’t mean to be mean
I tried to keep my conscience clean
But you pushed me to the limit
I am sorry not to claim itI swear I have never raised a hand on a woman
I bet my reflex just couldn’t be sincere
Maybe you should have realized I am not God to seal my womb
Maybe if He was a she He would hear my cries
Should have left the first time gravity pulled your hand down strongly to my face
I too never asked for this
The thought of not having a baby of my own breaks my heart
Nothing can heal that deepest cut
My act towards the issue really wasn’t right
Beyond any heights, and above like a floating kite
We in this together than to make my punches and slaps’ receiving side
I do try my best
I do things trying to impress
I always put myself last
And you first
But you look at me like I deformed, rust
Your eyes only knows lust
For other things that I can’t reach though they won’t last
Your reaction towards my purpose treats me like a failure
You don’t appreciate me like I was born in another crater
What should I do to make everything I touch, for you to see it as greater?
The problem has always been you trying to love me your way
What about my way, huh?
My words I will use if they are the greatest weapon at the time
Or keep them still if they will drive the point home
I never mean to demean you but just to show you were you can do betterI can do better with your support not harsh words
I can’t be better like I once lived in these worlds
But I can do well if only my emotions were dry off these bleeds
But if we become one and work together, forward is where our path leads
I guess it’s no excuse to say I come from a place where a woman is best heard
When she screams at the top of her voice
Or that man don’t cry otherwise you are weak
You are a weakling
But I guess five years ago this conversation would have been better treasured
I just didn’t know
Or think you paid much mind to what I say
This is how your words implies to me
You cut my tongue and tell me to speak
You cut my arm and tell me to reach
You cut my leg and tell me to walk
Your words block my ears and tell me to listen
Though one thing you can’t wipe off are the tears my heart bleeds out
A piercing gesture makes the pain loud

I feel lonely in the middle of a crowd
You strip me off my dignity through as your words weighs every pound
You talk about me with your friends till they wait for the next round
Yet its only false hope about me applied
Feels like my anger, our anger is justified
Though it gives me no right to show it in any violent conduct
And it gives me no right to vomit diarrhea through my mouthIt takes a male figure to say out how he thinks of that
But it takes a real man not to act any violent in any part
And it takes a real women to see things as they go south and fix them
This is no matter to judge and act unscrupulous
But a matter to discuss
And maybe we are two good people, too good for each other

So according to me #StewieLeSavage today we are celebrating the tenth day of the sixteen days of activism against gender based violence with Bhebhe Kathyln Thembi and Matewe Dumisani Albert.

Published by According to Stewie Le Savage

Tackling your day to day issues and introducing you to new people that might inspire you. Everything according to me #StewieLeSavage a self taught writer who believes that change is possible. Best Humanitarian Blog Award Winner for 2021 under the Zim Bloggers Awards.

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