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Tortured Past

I don’t have many heart warming memories about my father.Alll have are memories of pain and sadness.l try to cover it with a smile here and there but the pain always finds a way to dampen my smile.

What was he like you ask …well it would take days to simply describe his evil heart and I it’s a handwritten book Id say l need a million pens in order to write.In short so l don’t waste your time he was a mortifying and disastrous monster.

I remember one day we were playing outside our home with my neighbor friends.l was in the sixth grade and my brother was in the second grade.We saw our dad from a distance and we quickly rushed to the house so we could hide.
My dad saw that instead of running to him we were running away and that must have triggered the demon in him because the creature that walked into the house was not a human being.
He slammed open the kitchen door and he shouted with his deep hoarse voice”Where are those kids of yours woman?”
My mom couldn’t seem to gather enough words to form a sensible sentence.
We could hear her stammering as she was trying to find out what we had done.
After a fiery argument my dad finally said “You are the one who tells those kids of yours to run away when they see me
..l am going to discipline you so that the next time you teach your kids the right thing to do.”

I feel goosebumps all over my body when l think about that day.I heard noises,sounds,screams very rude and dirty language that no child should hear.At that moment l got a glimpse of what he’ll must sound like.None of those tormenting noises where my dad’s was my mom crying and pleading with him to stop but that seemed to fue lthe fire even more
I told my brother to hide under the bed ,l had to do something as the big brother…l had to man up and protect my mom.
With tears rolling down my cheeks l carried my tiny body to the lounge and slowly opened the kitchen door so l could take a peek of where my dad was positioned.l saw my mom lying on the floor covered in blood and spit .My dad was beating her like it was a WWE match and Everytime he got tired he would spit at her.
My dad started unzipping his trousers saying “it’s time for you to get another child so you can train him well….you messed up with this dogs that you call kids”…l couldn’t stand watching so l rushed into the kitchen ,straight to my mum and yelled “Stop it . please”

According to me #StewieLeSavage today we are celebrating the seventh day of the sixteen days of activism with Chiedza Dube.

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