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Lee McHoney’s SANA the album

Linda Lee McHoney Nyauchi recently released an album titled SANA which was launched on the 29th of August at the Jazz Café. So before I get into much details on the album let me give you a quick background of who Lee McHoney is.

Born on the 31st of December 1993 Lee McHoney is the second born on a family of 3. Her music career has been on a rise since she released her debut EP Wakandinyepera in 2017 and she’s worked with notable artists like Jah Prayzah, Calvin and MJ Sings just to name a few. In 2018 she did a sound track for Loud Africa and she was nominated for the StarFM Awards under the Outstanding House category for the song Skoro skoro she did with the Multi-award winning dancer and choreographer John Cole.

SANA is a 7 tracks album( 1.Sana Lwami, 2.Qualifier, 3.Sobalinda, 4.Leaving You ft MJ Sings, 5.Sono Sami, 6,Laphokhona and 7.Dzoka) and a bonus track Omthandayo. These songs were produced, mixed and mastered by Murphy Cubic and Larynx. They were all written by her and MJ Sings. SANA the album is now available on YouTube

So according to me #StewieLeSavage I think from the lyrical content to the vocals to the engineering this album is just international quality. Lee McHoney is indeed a brand worth investing in.

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