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The art of music:Mik Manjengwa

Masimba Manjengwa commonly known as Mik is a young vocalist,rapper and songwriter who has worked hard in putting RnB in Zimbabwe on the map since 2013. His music merges both Western instruments and African feel, and it pans across various genres including but not limited to Soul RnB, Hip-hop and Trap with his most popular songs to note being RnB songs from his latest album A book about girls.

Mik‘s hit single Me and you stayed on the Top 10 music charts for 4 weeks running. The single This Love written by Delani Makhalima stoodout and him used as a sectioned vocalist for an artist in South Africa but the song was eventually given to him. He has also been working hard in creating a growth for a brand known as Zim Rich which stands for Zimbabwe is rich in talent showing that not only does he believe in himself but in the music industry as a whole.

In the years Mik Manjengwe has managed to release 4 albums Heart Strings, Listen EP, Legend status: A book about girls, The Genesis and he’s set to drop the Summer EP in February. He has also released videos for Me and You, Feel right, Daimandisiya, Like Ooh and she’s gone. He has collaborated with a lot of artists and performed in various platforms like at the Ruwa Block Party where he left the crowds begging for more.

So According to me #StewieLeSavage Mik Manjengwa is the future of Zimbabwean Music.

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