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Changamire Festival Awards Nominees Bulawayo

As we welcome 2019 with a positive spirit hoping for nothing but the best seems like the Hip-hop community is set to own the year. Celebrations are due as some of our local artists receive nominations on the first day of the year. Today the Changamire hip-hop festival crew announced the nominations for the awards which are going to be held at Sankayi in Harare on the 30th of this month.

Asaph sets the pace with having the highest number of nominations going as follows Best Male, Song of the year (Mambo), Best Collaboration(Mambo feat The Dawg and Fish McSwagg), Best Verse (Hate to say first verse), Best Lyricist and People’s Choice. The word on the streets says Asaph didn’t deserve all those nominations, he was just nominated because of his name but I think it’s just some people hating on him for the hardwork he pulls into his work. BlaqDiva Quin followed with two nominations Best Female and Best Collaboration( Crown Yangu feat Scripmulla). Then Mr Lit got nominated for the Best Newcomer, Silolamkhonto for the Best Producer, The Dawg for the Best Chorus on the Mambo hit song, Dr Ckhupha (Shut up and Groove events) for the Best Online Media, Larynx for the Most Relevant Hip-hop studio (C.M.R) and Metamorphic for the Best Underground. Mlue-Jay our very own Rapper based in Johannesburg also got nominated for the Best Diaspora.

Since the Changamire Awards are performance based, only the best of those who participated at the Changamire Festival from January 2018 to December 2018 were legible for nomination. They say the winners are to be selected by a set of 5 Industry Gurus as the adjudicators.

So According to me #StewieLeSavage I think people should be given a chance to vote for their best nominee because this thing of having adjudicators leads into people complaining of rigging. A huge congratulations from me to all the artists nominated, I believe you guys deserved it. Go out there and represent the City.

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