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Bigger than hip-hop 2K18

It’s bigger than hip-hop was founded 7 years ago by a group of artists from Bulawayo who saw the need to create a platform for recognition. Before Skyz Metro FM and Khulumani FM were launched there were monotonous cries of unfair airplay which led to Bulawayo artists remaining underdogs and missing out because no one knew them. That’s why they then decided to form this platform to assist each other to get recognition.

This has been one of the most celebrated events in the hip-hop scene so this year they decided to make it much more bigger than it has always been. It was hosted by Thorne Laroq yesterday(28/12/2018) at Elite 400 and it attracted only hip-hop artists and a few fans. Personally I think the event was well planned and I enjoyed performances from Cal_Vin, LadyEff, King BL, Luminous, Rockie Doub, T1nda, Dj Fyre (Mr Lit), Fish McSwag, Guluva7, J Garnett, BlaqDiva, Thug and Mzoe7.

I was disappointed by Muse, 2dope and Floppy X’s performances because I expected to see more but unfortunately they failed to reach up to the standards they’ve set. MC Chita turned the stage into a circus as he made a clown of himself by performing a song that he claims it’s R&B but it turns out to be a trap version of rock music fused with hip-hop(if there’s anything like that) and pronouncing Gqom music as Qom music which somehow offended other people. MC Tytoh also made a fool out of himself by pulling off a whack performance. Black Eazie took offense as the dj (BlakAwt) stopped the music during his performance.

So according to me #StewieLeSavage, I’d give the whole event a 6/10. It was well planned and organised though the turnout wasn’t good for a hip-hop concert.

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