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The tearful Damsel

About last year I picked up a girl who was quite fine
We rolled for nearly three months and e’erything was just right
Until the first touch and she pushed my hand aside
Until an attempted first kiss and tears filled her eyes
I was clueless, I’m only a guy
Yet in all that darkness I figured she had a nasty past

“You shouldn’t touch me like he did”, she had said as she sat on the far side
Who’s the he? I guess I was being an idiot like the first time
I didn’t voice my thoughts or pushed her because I knew she needed time
But it occurred to me that whoever the he was, he ruined a beautiful life

“I was only only nine,” she said after she had cried
“That’s when he started until the day that he died”
“But what he did never left me, I dream of it e’ery night”
I compassionately looked at her and cursed the givens of life

Why her? Let’s talk about it
Because she’s weak and fatherless, I don’t get it
Now she loathes men and e’erything good about ’em
Because of one guy who was abusive and violent towards her
Such a pretty little thing, she may never love till her death
We supposed to protect them and not defile them
Society has done away with its duties because e’rybody be minding their own business

Best case scenario, she may never love till she dies
Worst case scenario, she’ll become a sex addict for life
Picking up diseases and spreading them till she dies
Yet both are never something she would have received if the society would fight
What kind of a world is this I’m confused alright
Little girls get abused and the people just stay quite
And she puts up a brave face like e’erything is a’ight
Yet she’s dying inside

Her future has been destroyed
Her joy may never be restored
Her words have become cold
Her heart is sore
Her spirit has been torn
Like the grave, she sings no song
And naturally she feels rejected and alone
When she’s gone, the cycle goes on and on
Another girl is born and preyed upon
Because the predators are never gone

Today as the According to Stewie Le Savage family we are celebrating 16 days of activism against Gender Based Violence alongside Elijah Peterson. Thank you

Published by According to Stewie Le Savage

Tackling your day to day issues and introducing you to new people that might inspire you. Everything according to me #StewieLeSavage a self taught writer who believes that change is possible. Best Humanitarian Blog Award Winner for 2021 under the Zim Bloggers Awards.

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