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Hell has no fury

The wind blew softly across the clear evening. There is a full moon too. The stars twinkle as I blink . Hello.

My name is Rita Morgan. I grew up in the quiet suburb of Antonio right here in Spain. Currently I live in Tokyo Japan .it’s a great Asian city. I am going to school there. I am 21 years old .

My story began last semester. My sister , Catherine Morgan had taken me for shopping at a busy mall. At first I was uneasy .True I have been to malls before but I have never been comfortable around them. I was in the changing closet and that’s how it all began .

I had been changing when I heard a strange goblish laugh . I went out of my enclosed closet wearing only my underwear . Seated in front of the mirror sat a ……. I will only call it a thing. Please forgive me for not giving it a proper name. It could have been a man , or a woman. Well let me call it a WO-MAN . Let me explain.

It had long dark hair. Its features were filled with contours and ridges. It had pointed ears and beautiful blue eyes. They seemed like they had just been glued there for they did not fit the face at all. It had big C-cups for breasts , a flat stomach. You could almost say the thing was an aged woman at first glance but when it stood up , all hell broke lose. From its waist down it had the body of a man . Thin hairy legs, and the sexual organ of a grown up man. Thats why I decided to just call it a thing. It smiled wickedly and started to reach out for me .

I was afraid all my senses told me to run but my feet stayed glued to the ground. I felt a cool breeze on my body and that’s when I realised I was nude. It was then I felt its bony fingers on my body. All my strength ran to my lungs and I started to scream and kick violently. I had saw it all now what this……pervert was trying to do. I screamed ,kicked ,fought did all the things I could think of but the thing began to laugh at me..

“No one will ever hear you, if you had any sense you would shut up and give me a piece of ass ,thats all I ask for.” It’s breath stank, its teeth rotten and black . The more it talked and smiled the more its face turned into what I had always known to be a monster . it raised me , pinned me to the ground and started to attack me. Its weight felt heavy on top of me , grabbing my hair , pinning me to the floor , I felt weak as this pervert pinched my tiny nipples , kissed my neck , I felt blood trickle down my neck as its teeth seared through my flesh . I cried out in anguish, why wasn’t there anyone to hear my cries ? Why wasn’t anyone coming to my assistance ? Where had this demonic pervert come from ? I felt great pain as this pervert seared through my virginity and started pounding into me . then I fainted ………..

I woke up later , still in the changing suite , I was naked and alone. I felt weak , there was blood all over me , in a pool all around me. My legs hurt . I looked all around me , I was alone. I drifted again into a tired slumber.

I am now 24 years old. Three years have elapsed ever since this incident. No one knows what happened to me on that day. When I came out of the suite my legs could barely carry me. I found my sister gone, she had already paid for the clothes. I no longer felt like picking my clothes. I merely ordered a taxi and went to my apartment. Rape is every woman’s nightmare. I could barely believe that of all the dreams I had begged to come true , I should be the victim of rape. I knew I was being strong and it took my all not to break down and cry .Finally I could bear it no more , I broke down and they fell like a torrent of rain . I was hurt , I felt used , cheap, a mere slut .I kept blaming myself for the rape . I knew my life would never be the same and it never did ..

Now I walk with sureness and confidence , but the scars in my heart hurt everyday. Yes they ain’t visible but each time I think of the incident my heart breaks into a million pieces .My virginity had been a gift I wanted to give to the one person I would love dearly .Now I did not even entertain a hope of getting married. Who would marry a used pie like me ? Over the years several guys had tried to date her but she had turned them all down. Yes they were all perfect that’s why she had turned them down , who would want her? They all deserved better than her. Each night I cried myself to sleep , I had been used by a demonic pervert who seemed to come from nowhere . Over time I learned to live with my own hell. I was doing fine if matters be asked. That was before I met him .That’s when it all began again .

It was in a crowded lobby when I saw him. I felt weak , my knees gave away. Certainly after all these years he no longer held such power over me. I clearly had no interest whatsoever in meeting this pervert again. Over the years he had grown uglier , more monster like,. He was wearing a hooded jacket and thin pants. He was dressed like a man that’s why I decided to call him a “he”. I think he saw me , recognised me because our eyes met, he smiled , his wicked crooked smile. I felt instantly weak , ran to my car and drove to my apartment.

One cloudy night I felt I was being followed. I stopped my car and stepped out , it was now or never. Better face your demons than to let them trample over you.
I got out the figure stopped , yes that wicked pervert who had ruined my life three years ago ..

” Aaa my beautiful. You have stopped at last,” he said smiling.
My body convulsed , the scar on my neck reddened, the scar inflicted by this pervert . “What do you want ?” I asked
It laughed . I was scared again , I was alone in the vicinity of nowhere with this pervert again . I was about to beg it when it drew near to me but deep down I felt a voice speak to me “Are you going to be trampled again?” I swore and grabbed his wrist .He was astounded .’What !’ “How dare you intrude my privacy again?” He was surprised I had managed to stand up to him , I took him by surprise that whatever he had schemed for me , faded away . I looked into his eyes ,”Listen here and listen straight ,
I plan to make your life so horrible you will plead to die. I plan to make your life so miserable you will ask Sheol to open its gates for you. I plan to make your life
So miserable that if the symbolic Gehenna had been in existence, you would beg to burn eternally than to live the life I plan for you.
I love you that’s why I am planning all this.
For the holy book says love your enemies.
You are my number one enemy
You ruined my life and for that you will pay. You will pay with your life.
Whoever said red stands for love was right.
For as I will watch your blood glistening on my wrist,
I will know I I have loved you to the very end” He was shivering by now , his knees knocking, he mustered up the courage to ask “Are you threatening me?” I turned and faced him
“This ain’t a threat you pervert ,It’s a promise. And I have an infuriating weakness of keeping my promises. I walked away , my heart thundering.

It’s been a while now and this pervert has not caused anymore havoc on my peaceful life . I showed him that hell hath no fury like a maddened woman.

Today as The according to Stewie Le Savage family we are celebrating the 16 days of activism against Gender Based Violence alongside AMANDA RUTENDO MUNEDZIMWE.

Published by According to Stewie Le Savage

Tackling your day to day issues and introducing you to new people that might inspire you. Everything according to me #StewieLeSavage a self taught writer who believes that change is possible. Best Humanitarian Blog Award Winner for 2021 under the Zim Bloggers Awards.

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