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Marriage of Convenience

He put her in a shelf
Took her out, satisfied himself,
Put her back,
“Its marriage, I have to keep you to myself,”
His bellow filled the hallway of her fragile body
“It’s all your fault” said her mother’s voice
“A good women suffers all in silence,”

Repeatedly, her head banged on the kitchen counter
The basket work of hair gets dismantled
Vision reduced to a pair of tiny blurry slits
She could only make out his face
Minotaur on Minos orders to ravish her

She heard somewhere of the soul’s endurance beyond the grave
Now she wonders what dying really meant
Some funerals aren’t recorded
Because they’re held deep in us
Came the conclusion with another blow
Reducing her to a ball of pain

Giving up emotional independence,
She carries around a stone heart,
Her chamber of secrets overflows
With pains of undesired caresses
That comes when he wants to satiate his virility
He rides her with the same vigour he uses to beat her,
Vivisection incisions

Can someone somehow listen to what she has to say?
Is there another one crying behind the marriage veil
She begged for her sister’s
The moment after her own death,
Her body had hung around long after
Her soul had departed
They said ’twas suicide
I saw uxoricide
I saw a sorry-sight

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