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Revealing the Anonymous, Renzo L.A.X

Born Lorenzo Dwayne Khumalo, Renzo L.A.X is a very talented Rapper, Record Producer and Songwriter who’s commonly known by his beats tag Anonymous Music. He is currently based in Bellevue, KwaBulawayo and he’s a well responsible well groomed artist under the management of Venis Warren. Being raised by his Grandmother in the dusty streets of Lobengula West gave him an inspiration and motivation to work hard in life.

His love for Music bloomed when he was doing his fourth grade and he used to listen to a lot of oldskool hip-hop and pop, so he got his inspiration from Legends like Tupac, The Notorious B.I.G, Dre, Boys(ii)men and a lot more. Then his musical journey began in form 2 when he met a couple of friends who also had the love for Rap Music and then they formed a group called the Runners.

2014 is the time Renzo L.A.X ventured into beat production after coming across a guy in Kwekwe called Hommie Black Beats. As for now he’s not yet that known but he’s one of the best producers in the country. Sometime this year he also engaged into a Producer Submission for Kanye West good music labor and came out number 6 out of 42 producers and being the only Zimbabwean. When it comes to Rapping Renzo L.A.X is vicious. You can catchup with him on Facebook: Lorenzo Dwayne Koomalor, Twitter: ANONYMOUSMUSI97.

So according to me #StewieLeSavage. Don’t judge the best producer by how known they are but by the goodness of their work.

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