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The story of a Rapper, Zenzele

Zenzele Dube is an eighteen year old rapper who was born in Montrose. Life changed for him when he was doing his grade 2 after his father passed on, him and his family had to move from a low density suburb to a high density suburb. This whole change wasn’t good enough for him and so it led him into bad habits like drinking and smoking at a young age. Due to all the pain and struggle he went through, he then went on to seeking refuge in music.

Through the inspiration which Zenzele got from 2pac’s music he fell in love with rapping and started writing his own music. His music wasn’t that good at first but all the criticism that was thrown at him and all the practice he invested built him to a better version of himself. His lyrical content is mainly based on real life experiences, abuse and criticism. While doing his form 2, Zenzele met up with K Kid who also loved rapping and they formed a group called Dragon Family which was later on joined by 2 more rappers Nyasha and Ebenezer.

As the Dragon Family split up after a small misunderstanding then him and K Kid formed another group called Young Gangsters which made waves in school talent shows. Zenzele went to SA and when he came back K Kid had moved on, so he had to strike back as a solo artist. As a solo artist Zenzele has managed to drop 3 singles and he’s set to drop an album this December titles Impilo Inzima featuring Mafu, Bleyz, Furygun, Drizzler, Static and Floppy.

So according to me #StewieLeSavage. No matter how hard life can ever be to you, always try to find something positive in it.

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