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Home of deception TEENAGE TRAIL (the movie)

2018 has been a fruitful year for the Bulawayo’s arts and entertainment industry as we saw a lot of artists flying high and representing. Yes it hasn’t been an easy road but I must admit that a lot of hardwork was put in into shaping the industry. We witnessed a rise to many record breaking media houses, sound movements, showbiz, entertainment and events companies.

Part of the 2018 successes is a movie Teenage Trail by Mthabisi Zidlekhaya Ndlovu alongside a few talented local producers,actors and actresses. This movie is based on real life issues that take place on a daily basis and looks much on how teenagers are absorbed in having fun yet deceiving their parents or guardians. It is set to Launch on Saturday the 3rd of November from 5pm to 7pm at the Bulawayo Theatre and the tickets are going for $4.

“A group of teenagers go for a house party in a suburb in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe with different disguising excuses to their guardians and their worst nightmare comes alive when one teenage girl Maggie goes mysteriously missing with no trails or a clear pattern to follow. This story makes headlines in local media houses and the Bulawayo Metro Police makes it a priority case. The story takes a dramatic turn as the investigations reignite with new evidence looming. This puts the case wide open, hopes breathing into life again, as the search for Maggie seems to be bearing the long awaited fruits” that a quick review on the movie.

So according to me #StewieLeSavage, Teenage Trail is a must watch movie for it is very educating. Please do attend to the launch and be one of the first few to watch it. Support local talent.

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Tackling your day to day issues and introducing you to new people that might inspire you. Everything according to me #StewieLeSavage a self taught writer who believes that change is possible. Best Humanitarian Blog Award Winner for 2021 under the Zim Bloggers Awards.

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