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Tcube Monkey’s Murda Capital, a potential hit.

Tinotendaishe (Tcube Monkey) Ncube is a 22year old Hip-hop artist from Bulawayo who started writing songs at the age of 13. Due to financial unavailability and lack of know-how, he couldn’t record anything at that time. He only managed to work on his first beat in 2013 after being taught a few things by his friends at school and sold his first beat in 2014 when his production skills had improved.

In 2015 Tcube Monkey was afforded a chance to feature on a song titled Dance by Gadalan Bandaras which was his first studio project and it was recorded at Red Monkey Nation studio. Then in 2016 him and his friend opened their own studio which later on grew into an entertainment company called Weedupe Family Entertainment which houses a recording studio, video filming, graphic designing and photography.

In the same year in 2016 Tcube Monkey worked on a deput mixtape titled Prison with 22 tracks, an EP titled THE FLARE (TRUE STORY) with 16 tracks in 2017 and another mixtape titled For My People with 26 tracks in 2018. Still in the same year 2018 he’s released a single titled Murda Capital which he has also released a video for , this song is a description of the current hip-hop scene from his point of view.

So according to me #StewieLeSavage, Murda Capital is definitely the song of the moment.

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