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A quick review on J Garnet’s Alive EP

Junior Garnet is a young and very talented Rapper from Hwange but currently residing in Bulawayo where he is busy chasing his dreams. After going quiet for almost a year, the Empumalanga hit maker moved from Hwange to Bulawayo in search for a better working environment and it looks like he didn’t take much time in finding his feet as he quickly found a new family at Excellence Music Records, a record label lead by Arthur Wilfred commonly known as Koko (their producer).

“It’s a 5 track EP which I released on the 21st of September, the day I was born and it’s being launched on the 28th of September at The Vista. It was my birthday gift to the world as an apology to my fans and followers for neglecting them for almost a year. I put in all my energy and most of my ideas so I feel so positive about it and I hope the society feels the same about it” Garnet reveals his feelings for the EP.

J Garnet says that the project was inspired by the problems he has faced as an artist from the society. Problems like people expecting a lot from you in terms of social status and financial well being. People hanging around with you for the interests of being known and once they realize that you are still the normal individual like them they tend to mock you at the same time bringing you down. So basically this EP is just a based on J Garnet’s real life experiences that’s why he titled it “The Alive EP”

So according to me #StewieLeSavage, never allow negativity to pull you down but instead use it as a motivation for your growth.

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