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The talented and creative Hwabaraty

Japhet “Hwabaraty” Mlauzi is a multi-talented artist from Bulawayo whose talents, skills and professional approach to arts practice stems from the city’s rich cultural background. Japhet started the arts at a very young age and through his educational level he took part in activities that contributed to his understanding and appreciation of arts. He learnt instrumentation, dance and other forms of art during these years and later began his amateur performances in his township roots where a neo-colonial wave of expression, rebellious and contemporary arts scene emerged.

Being a hardworker, Hwabaraty is able to work to the best of his abilities even under minimum supervision and when it comes to working with other people he is great for he is not judgemental in any ways. He has inspired and motivated a lot young people to persue their careers in art and through his teaching skills he has contributed a lot in the local arts industry. He facilitates a lot of workshops in schools.

Hwabaraty has achieved a lot and as a young man he is still working on a lot of projects which will take his name to greater heights. Part of his achievements is the “dance role” he played in the Gospel of Othello, a play by a UK director Patrice Naimbana. On his musical side, he has pushed his pansula rap to some levels and his lyrical contents are set to inspire and motivate the listeners. Above all Japhet “Hwabaraty” Mlauzi is a well mannered man who respects his culture.

According to me #StewieLeSavage, never forget your roots and always respect your culture.

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