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From Hip-hop to House, Kevin Makhosi’s musical journey

Kevin “Makhosi” Nzima, born on the 15th of October 1995 is the first born in a family of three. Raised by a single parent after his father passed on when he was 9, Kevin grew to understand life from a different view which motivated him to work hard and be an inspiration to his siblings. Kevin Makhosi fell in love with music in 2014 when he was in South Africa and he released singles under the group Young Zee before going solo.

In 2016 he released his album named Back to Hip-hop, under the management of Petros Khoza the founder of Daveyton TV. Since he was working at his production, Kevin started doing his own music production. Part of his journey in music, Makhosi has faced a lot of rejection which has strengthened him up.

In 2017 he moved back to Zimbabwe where he released his house album “Nambini Volume 1” which has been receiving quite a positive response both online and on radio stations. The album also got featured on Zim music stores for online purchases. Kevin Makhosi has worked with a lot of reputable artists like X-mile and Msiz-Kay just to name a few.

So according to #StewieLeSavage, never limit yourself. If you can do multi genres, go ahead and do it. Follow your heart and spread your wings.

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