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Flames cooking as Mzoe7 collaborates with Xmile

Mzobanzi Mlauzi commonly known as Mzoe7 the Kwasakwasa hit maker, is a talented creative from the City of Kings and Queens, so is Xolani Xmile Sibanda the bangaxabani hit maker. Being a soulful artist Xmile is one of the best vocalists to emerge from the city of Kings and has a unique sound that has made him tour in most parts of South Africa. On the other side Mzoe7 is a groovy type of an artist who is loved for his energy on the stage and is a good crowd puller.

Both artists have different types of musical vibe but they share the afrocentric sound which makes both of them unique. They both shared the stage at the Lumankelenkele Festival in Swaziland and they grew to know each other more but only waited for the right time to strike. Mzoe7 is the brand ambassador for Maita Media and Sterkinekor, he has been involved more into acting, dance choreography, tv presenting and song writing.

About the song, Xmile explained that the sound is more of Highlife and Afrobeat fused with soul. He also hinted that the artwork of the song will be out in a week and so according to them the song is about closing the gap of tribal differences when it comes to love. The shocking thing is the positive responses which the song is receiving before it’s even out. Everyone is just curious to hear it.

So according to me #StewieLeSavage, nothing inspires me more than seeing such creatives working together in fighting for a good cause.


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