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MziStozz Mfanafuthi, the next big thing

MziStozz Mfanafuthi is causing a huge hype in the City at a young age. Born Mzingaye Ray Ncube, MziStozz is the second born in a family of 4 and so being the second boy the name Mfanafuthi came to life. His passion for music bloomed when he was doing his grade 3 when he got his first guitar.

Under the mentorship of artists like Jah Saint and Mzoe7, MziStozz dropped his breakthrough hip-hop track when he was doing his grade 7 then after that his name has become quite common in the industry. He has curtain raised and shared stages with a lot of artists including Cal_Vin, Floppy X, Mawiza and Khuxxman.

Apart from being a musician MziStozz Mfanafuthi is also an Engineer in the making and is currently studying towards his certificate in “Electric engineering” at West gate industrial technical college. He recently dropped a gqom/sgubhu track titled Khonap’umuntu and he’s set to release his first album in February next year.

So according to me #StewieLeSavage, never look down on someone unless if you’re admiring their shoes.

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