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Unlocking the Lyric Monsta

Excellence music comes to unlock a 17 year old rapper Lyrico, born Ryan Jabulani Moyo who started rapping at a very young age after getting his inspiration from the rap king Lil Wayne. Growing up in a music loving family his 2 sisters and his aunt used to sing in Church choirs. Ryan started recording with a group called Rap Soldiers in 2014 alongside D_Sean and Terror. They staged a performance at the Miss Tshabalala Talent show where they came out first and impressed the Real Music Empire boss Rocka J who then offered them a recording deal, through him Ryan met Mr Kata and Alaina.

In 2015 they were invited to Lv5 entertainment where his name expanded after rubbing shoulders with artists like Cal_Vin, Mlue_Jay and many more. Then in 2016 Lyrico met Frixx who introduced him to Koko who then invited him to Excellence music, the record label he signed under early this year. He earned an alias (Lyric monsta) due to his aggression on the mic, releasing his single “Run it up” which met a lot of positive critic.

Lyrico was then featured on Koko’s debut album “Dark thoughts” on the song ‘fire and emotions’ and then on the 15th of August he dropped 2 singles titled ‘Money showers’ and ‘Catch me if you can’ which featured label mates DJ Salim and Koko. Lyrico is yet to release 1 more single and then he’s also working on an EP which will be dropping soon.

So according to me #StewieLeSavage, Lyrico is for sure the Lyric Monsta.

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