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The truth behind her beautiful smile

Behind every smile there’s either a dark past or sorrow but behind her smile lies a strong and fearless woman. Tendai ‘Tey Blonde’ Maunga is a 19 year old talented young woman from the city of Kings and Queens who has decided to crack the shells and reveal her talent to the whole world.

Born from a family of singers Tey Blonde started singing at a very young age. When she was 11years old doing her 6th grade, she did her first performance in front of the audience and then in High school she started writing songs which she used to hide under the mattress. After sharing her songs with a few friends who genuinely enjoyed them, started pushing her to sing.

Later in the years Tey met a guy who motivated her to record and persue a singing career since it had always been her dream. So with full backup from her family, friends and manager George Moyo, the talented young lady is dropping her first single track on the 20th of this month titled Behind my smile which defines a strong woman she is. As a toddler in the industry Tey is yet to drop a lot of projects in the near future

So according to me #Stewie Le Savage, behind Tey Blonde’s beautiful smile lies the future of Zimbabwean music.

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3 thoughts on “The truth behind her beautiful smile

  1. I love the way the youth is taking initiative to actually chased theirdreams even though they are labeled the so called unconventional careers paths….power to individuals like you…the world needs more fearless people like her


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