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Poetry in twelve inch heels

The future is female, the future is Thandokuhle Thae Sibanda. A 19 year old female poet born and bred in the city of Kings and Queens. Raised by a single parent, she is the last born in a family of 4. Thandoe did her secondary school in Cowdry Park High School where she discovered her love for art through the inspiration she got from her accounts teacher Sthandazile Dube one of Zimbabwe’s best female poets.

Thandokuhle did her first ever poetry performance in 2015 at the Reigate District Schools Merit Awards when she was doing her form 2. She has went on to perform at the HICC basketball stadium in Harare during the Children’s day celebration 2016 and she also attended the Intwasa talent show 2016 where she came out first in the poetry category.

In 2017 Thandoe signed up for Starbrite, she described it as a tough experience but she made it to the finals although she feels like she didn’t do justice to her poetry thats why she had to go back the following year. Again she made it to the finals but this time around it was beyond poetry, some layers of skin were peeled off from her. Thae then collaborated with other finalist poets in doing an anthology titled Speak a word, which due to some circumstances hasn’t been launched.

Part of her achievements Thandoe has attended the Intwasa poetry slam where she became the 1st runner up and the Lafarge poetry slam where she took the 1st price. She has performed in big stages like at the RoilBAAs2K18 and now she’s part of the Random poets who perform every Tuesday at The Center Pub. Thando is also working on an anthology whilst she’s doing her Upper 6 at Mzilikazi High school

So according to me #StewieLeSavage, Thandokuhle Thae Sibanda is the definition of Poetry in 12″ heels.

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